Regular Club training session take place at Ormskirk track on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings plus Sunday mornings. 

We welcome athletes of all ages and standard to our training sessions. The Club has active links within the local community and schools.

Contact Phone numbers for coaches can be found on our Club Contact Page Ormskirk Track Details.

AAA Common Standards 2013-14

Event Coach Venue Time
Sprints Ray Twentyman Ormskirk Tue & Thr 6.30 Sun 11
Sprints Trica Farrell Ormskirk as above
Sprints Peter McCormack Ormskirk Tue & Thr 6.30
Sprints Mike Dandy Ormskirk Tue & Thr 6:45
Hurdles Debbie Hall Ormskirk Tue & Thr 6.30
Hurdles Nic Christie Ormskirk Wednesday Only
Throws Rose Hutchinson Ormskirk Tue & Thr 6.15   Sun 11
Throws Ruth Doran Ormskirk Tue & Thr 6.15
Throws Dave Brown Ormskirk Tue & Thr 6.15   Sun 11
Senior throwing squad will train from 7pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Novice throwers will be coached from 6:15pm until 7pm Tuesdays and Thursdays. All new throwers will be required to learn the rudiments of shot, discus and javelin.
High Jump & Pole Vault Dave McComb Ormskirk Tue & Thr 6.30
Long & Triple Jump Phil Whitfield Ormskirk Tue & Thr 6.30
High Jump Billy Williams Ormskirk Tue & Thr 6.15
Endurance John McCarten Ormskirk Tue & Thr 6.30  Sun 11
Endurance John Bride Ormskirk Tue & Thr 6.30  Sun 11
Endurance John Bradshaw Ormskirk Tue & Thr 6.30
Endurance Kirsty Longley Ormskirk Tue & Thr 6.30
Endurance Wally Bridson Ormskirk Tue & Thr 6.30
Strength & Conditioning Tabo Huntley Ormskirk Tue & Thr 6.30

LPS Coaches & Officials May 2013