Covid 19 Lockdown Update (14th August 2020)

It’s now been nearly five months since we were all together at the track – I’m sure we’re all missing it and looking forward to the restart of training at Edge Hill. The Management Committee held a meeting last week and this communication is to update you on some decisions made at that meeting.
Track Access
First though, an update on the situation with regards access to the track at Edge Hill. The University are looking to getting the campus open for the new academic year which starts on September 28th. They are going to instigate a staggered approach with the Sports Centre looking to reopen on 17th August although this is only for the use of the Fitness Suite and to launch their new class timetable. It is looking unlikely that we are going to have access to the track in the near future as I have not been able to get even a tentative date so far. In the meantime most coaches are running small sessions elsewhere or sending out programmes for athletes to work to on their own. I’m sure you are all keen to get back to the track and I will update you as soon as that becomes possible.
England Athletics Registration
Please be advised that the club has not yet paid registration fees to England Athletics for individual athletes (we have paid the club affiliation fee). If you were registered with England Athletics last year this remains valid until 31st August 2020 (extended from 30th June due to coronavirus) and you are registered to compete up until then. PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU ENTER A COMPETITION TAKING PLACE ON 1ST SEPTEMBER 2020 OR LATER YOU MUST LET ME KNOW SO THAT I CAN UPDATE YOUR REGISTRATION WITH EA BEFORE THE COMPETITION OR ELSE YOU MAY WELL BE TURNED AWAY ON THE DAY. Note also that I can only re-register you if you have paid your LPS membership fees for 2019/2020. If you are not sure if you have paid your 2019/2020 fees please email for me and I will check our records.
LPS Membership 2020/2021
Due to the absence of training or competition opportunities since lockdown was introduced in March, the Management Committee have decided that this year’s (2019/2020) membership fees will be rolled over to the next membership year (due to commence 1st October 2020). Members that have not paid 2019/2020 membership fees will be asked to pay in October as per usual and will not be registered with England Athletics until their club fees have been paid.
Club AGM
The club Annual General Meeting is normally held on the third Friday of September each year . This year our usual hosting locations (Edge Hill Sports Centre or St Mary’s Millennium Centre, West Derby) are not available to us and with the lack of recent training or competition activity the Management Committee has decided to postpone the AGM until such time as we can hold a meeting of a reasonable size. When a new date is agreed you will be given at least 21 days notice.
Best wishes to all our athletes – we look forward to seeing you soon !
Karen Brown,
Club Secretary
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