LPS Tote

The club’s Monthly Tote Account has been going for over 20 years and is our principal means of funding development, equipment etc. We need more people to join. This is how it works:

Individuals pay by Standing Order £2 per month of which half is prize money. Any number of units can be acquired. Cash or cheques are equally acceptable.

We urgently ask you to join and support LPS.
Details and mandate forms can be obtained from Charles Gains


The draw is made at our General Committee Meeting for each month.

Winners in 2015

January No 71 Bob Johnson
February No 13 Charles Gains
March No 75 Paula Moore
April No 33 Mike Dandy
May  No 30 JG Crisp
June  No 29 Joan Tangeman
July   No 69 Wally Bridson
August No 62 D Kirkbride
September No 12 Jeff Mason

Winners in 2014 are:
January No  54 Bernie Murphy
February No 73 C.Johnson
March No 42  J.Whitehead
April No 47 Helen Pellatt
May No 4 Dave McComb family
June No 62 D Kirkbride
July No 70 Margaret Bridson
August N0 34 Paula Wilson
September No 23 Ken Wooldridge
October No 49 George Jones
November No 56 Richie Webster
December No 28 Joan Tangeman

Winners in 2013 are:
January No 67 Dave McComb family
February No 8 Dave Brown
March No 24 Brenda Williams
April No 72 Robbie Wood
May No 4 Dave McComb family
June No 58 George Leicester
July No 70 Margaret Bridson
August No 34 Paula Wilson
September No 74 John Bride
October No 47 Helen Pellatt
November No 7 Dave McComb family
December No 36 Paula Wilson