Win with the LPS Tote!

So what is the “Tote” ?

Basically it’s a fundraiser for the club that previously ran for over 25 years.

Participants buy “numbers” with a monthly standing order and, each month, one number is drawn. The owner of that number receives half of that months fund with the remainder going to the club.

How much does it cost?

Each “number” costs £5 per month, from this £2.50 goes into the prize kitty and £2.50 goes to the club. For example if twenty numbers have been purchased the prize fund will be £50 for that month.

The picture shows how to enter (the picture shows entry for TWO numbers, hence why it’s for £10 per month, ONE entry would be £5 per month).

How do I inform my Bank?

You can either fill in a paper copy of the form (Download it here) and hand it in to your bank or you can set up the standing order online (probably the far more common approach) using the information on the sheet..

The details in black are the LP&S account, the details in red are for your bank account.

Please set the S.O. up for the 1st of each month (the first draw will be done at the committee meeting on the third Monday of March). Please fill in the reference with your name and the word “Tote” so we can easily pick it out from all the other payments to the club.

Once you’ve set this up please tell us and make sure we have up-to-date contact details for you.

Finally, cross fingers and be lucky !