Liverpool Pembroke History

After several years of research Charles Gains has written the history of Liverpool Pembroke AC, from our formation, up to the Second World War. The link below will bring up an illustrated pdf document. Take a little time to read the story; it goes a long way to explaining the character our club has now. Norman Wilson and Robbie Wood have done a splendid job recording the history of the Sefton Harriers half of our club.

It is hoped to have the latter half of the Pembroke history written in the next few months.

If anybody has anything they wish to add (especially in the form of old photos and anecdotes) please contact myself


Dave Brown (12th February 2014)

History of Liverpool Pembroke Athletic Club Part 1 (1890-1939)

After another couple of years of research Charles has now finished the second part of the Pembroke History. Another good read with loads of facts photos and records from 1956!

Robbie Wood (17th March 2017)

History of Liverpool Pembroke Athletic Club Part 2 (1940-1960)

We now reach the swinging sixties in Charlie’s next chapter of the Pembroke history. This chapter covers 1960 to 1980 and is mainly stories due to a lack of minutes records from this period.
History of Liverpool Pembroke Athletic Club Part 3 (1960-1980)