Update on our Strategic Development Plan – Performance Co-ordinator

In December last year we launched our strategic development plan to help push the club forward and provide a solid foundation to help develop our athletes, coaches, administration and officials.

At the time we identified key coordinator roles across the different aspects of the plan, one of which was the Performance Coordinator.

I’m really pleased to announce that Tony O’Brien will assume the role from this week. We’ll need to formally ratify it at our AGM in September but I’m sure that you’ll agree, this gives us a few months to support Tony in developing the role.

Tony O’Brien

Over the last 12 months Tony has completed his coaching qualifications to add to his impressive list of achievements as an athlete (recent gold and silver medals in European Masters, V50 mens’ record for 1 mile and 3000m to name a few ) and has worked closely with Mark Bleasdale and others to help his ongoing learning and to develop athletes of all ages.

The role will be there to support all disciplines, not just running, and is very much a two way engagement. The ultimate aim is to have a stronger club unit and to provide a basis for development of athletes, coaches and officials.

We look forward to working and collaborating with Tony.


Rob Wood

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