Sunshine in Wales? Northern League Round Up

LPS report by Nicola Swift
The sun joined us for the last Northern League fixture of the season in Wrexham. LPS started the day in joint 2nd position with SWAC, only 2 points behind the leaders, Liverpool Harriers. With everything to play for we fielded a team of 9 male and 6 female athletes.
An impressive turnout by by Southport Waterloo and Wrexham secured them 1st and 2nd place respectively. Liverpool Harriers dropped to third. We managed to muster a respectable 4th place finish with a number of excellent individual performances and personal bests.
Mens Results:
Mark Line secured an amazing 33 points over 6 events. 100m (13.7sec, 5th place), Pole Vault (2.7m, 6th place), Discus (29.63m,5th place), Long Jump (5.47m, 2nd place), Hammer (31.18m, 1st place) and Javelin (37.49m 1st place).
Paul White earned 22 points. Shot (8.52m, 6th place), Hammer (33.09m – 1st place), 100m (14.5, 4th place) and Discus (24.75m for 4th place).
Sandy Clarkson, 15 points – Long Jump (4.73m, 5th place) and High Jump (1.95m, 1st place)
Jake Dickinson totaled 13 points. 1500m (4:22.4, 3rd place), 200m (26.1sec, 2nd place and a Pb).
Jared Nicholas earned 10 points. 200m (24.8sec, 4th place) and 400m (54.6seconds, 6th place).
Mark Hudson took 6 points and 4th place in the 5000m (20:43.2)
Mark Crompton earned 8 points. Shot (6.77m, 5th) and Pole Vault (2.4m, 3rd)
Will Hynd, 7 points, Javelin (42.57m, 3rd place)
Neil Roberts took 5 points in the 5000m (22:32.6, 3rd place and a Pb).
To round up the season Mark Line, Will Hynd, Jared Nicholas and Paul White ran the 4x100m in a rapid 51.2 seconds securing 3rd place and 7 points. Paul did a fantastic job in getting teams together for the relays.
Mark Hudson and Jared were then joined by Neil Roberts and Jake Dickinson to field a 4x400m team who finished 4th in a time of 4:25.1 and gained 6 points for the team. Both Mark and Neil had not long finished their 5000m race.
Womens Results
Anna Peers 36 points. Shot (10.84m, 1st), Discus (38.46m, 1st), Hammer (32.13m, 2nd), B team Javelin (36.49m, 1st)
Katelyn Swift. 26 points. 100m (15seconds, 4th), 200m (30 seconds, 6th), Long Jump (3.99m, 4th), B team for Hammer (31.13m, 1st)
Bethany Swift 20 points, B runner for 100m (18.7seconds, 2nd), 200m (40seconds, 2nd), Long Jump (2.03m, 3rd), Shot (5.57m, 5th)
Rebecca Mitchell 18 points, A team Javelin (36.97m, 1st and a Pb), B team Discus (28.06m, 1st)
Deborah Dasse 8 points. High Jump (1.52m, 2nd)
Sharon Roberts 6 points. 400m (87.3 sec, 4th)
Sharon Roberts, Rebecca Mitchell, Katelyn Swift and Bethany Swift came together for the 4x100m in 4th place with a time of 64.7seconds to gain 6 points.
Also not forgetting the officials Lesley Jackson, Owen Jackson, Dave McComb, Sharon Roberts (who was also competing) and myself. Thank you so much for all your help.
On a personal note I couldn’t be more proud of the team that we have and our club. Everyone really did make an amazing contribution and there was a true feeling of camaraderie ❤️🤗🫶🏻
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