International call up for Kirsty

The amazing and inspirational Kirsty Longley continues to defy all conventional logic regarding growing old and getting slower. After a record breaking season on the roads which has seem her turn in some excellent road performance from 5k to half marathon she was rightly award her first senior England international vest at the age of 43! Kirsty will represent England at the Abbey 10k Dash in November.

Kirsty has been a regular England international in her age categories in the last few years over road and country which would have been enough for most runners, however not for Kirsty and her “never give up on your dreams” attitude which has been a feature of Kirsty’s running over the last 13 years.

Well done Kirsty a credit to LPS and our fine distance running traditions.

Kirsty Longley

Another fantastic road run by Kirsty

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