Crazy Horses

So I genuinely thought Mark Hudson was winding me up… but apparently the world is mad after all.

Anyway … clears throat for announcement ….

“There was this bloke who a few years ago took a tumble and smashed his hip up.  Pretty serious for anyone let alone a man who has to get buy one get one free from the birthday candle aisle so make sure there’s enough of them 😊.   

Anyway, this bloke has made a super human comeback and has beaten all the odds to get personal bests in half marathons , 10k, 5k and other distance races.   So when he  casually told me that he had been racing against horses, I probably shouldn’t have looked at him like he had three heads.   “Nay Mark, you’re having me on”.

Wrong ! …..

Over the weekend our very own 6 million dollar man took part in the  “21 mile ‘man vs horse’ race!!”

I really can’t believe I’m writing this but here’s Mark’s own words. “I beat 15 horses and riders, finishing in 3:41 over 4000 feet of climbing and 216th out of 700 runners. An epic event run over the Cambrian mountains in mid wales…I was knackered”

Not only is that epically crazy,  but incredibly a person won which is only the 3rd time in 43 years a human has won.

So, whilst we wait for the rest of Neil Young’s band to turn up, log in to your local bookies and get some odds on Mark for the Grand National.

Superlatives can’t describe how amazing this is. … still shaking my head.

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