News April 2004

North of England 12 Stage Road Relay Championship
In the magnificent setting of Lister Park the NoEAA choose an interesting and testing undulating course for their annual long road relays. Good road surface was the key to making this an enjoyable venue, albeit for a few tight turns which caused a few problems on the early stages.
We suffered two loss in the week leading up to this event with Sammy Rashid having a leg injury & Steve Freeman unable to get off work. Facing these problems all hands rallied together to produce a very mixed team team which was a mix of young talent, experience and in one case (leg 12) an over weight and over the hill team member.
Jimmy Boardman got us off to a good start on the opening long leg coming home 16th. Ben Jones followed this up by running our fastest short leg of the day and taking us up to 10th place. Next was Michael Rimmer who seemed to enjoy the good road surface as he ran only 9 seconds slower than Ben and kept us in 10th place. The second long leg saw the experience of Nathan Vengdasalam running a very steady leg and move us up one place into 9th. Steve Donegan was next on a short leg and moved us up 8th place which was to be our high water mark. Adam Clansey who had been un-well in the week leading up to this event still dragged himself around the short leg although we did drop two places in the process. Stage 7 was a long leg and we elected once again for experience with Greg Callaghan who ran a solid leg and brought us home 14th.  Jeff Mason another part of the blend of experience was on the next short leg and he ran followed by Luke Sanders on the last long leg. David Phillips ran the penultimate leg and keep us in the top 20. However it was left to club secretary Robbie Wood to run (sic) the final leg. The heavy rain clouds which threatened for most of the day stayed off until this leg and for his troubles not only did he lose 4 places but got a good soaking in the process. (If only he could lose some weight like he lost us those four places)
We finished 22 out of 48 teams. It was interesting to see that Merseyside had five clubs with full teams in this years long relay championship St Helens Sutton & Penny Lane making a welcome addition to LPS, Liverpool H & Wirral.
3 April 2004
AAA of England Young Athletes Road Relays
John Bradshaw and his athletes once again carried the LPS flag at these National Road Relays. The AAA new Chairman George Bunner was amongst the spectators at a windy Sutton Park  After a number of successful years it was our turn to reflect on what might be described as disappointing. Having said that all of the athletes will have learnt something from the day so it will stand them in stead for the future..
Under 15s We had two teams in this race with Sam Hutchinson coming home 53rd in 14:09 and Rob McLoughlin 80th in 15:05. Second leg was Joe McKenna 14:15 bring us in 47th and David Hodgson 70 picking up 10 places with a run of 15:14. The final leg was Andrew Bowen ours fastest man with 13:52 and coming home 40th and Keran Slaon 15:17 for a final placing of 63.A Team S Hutchinson (53) 14:09, J McKenna (47) 14:15, A Bowen (40) 13:52B Team, R McLoughlin (80) 15:05, D Hodgson (70) 15:14, K Sloan (63) 15:17
Under 17s We had again entered two teams in this event but only finished one. Carl Williams ran 13:34 (41) for the A team while lone B Team runner Matt Brooks ran 14:43 (58). Chris Melling was next off and ran a steady 13:45 (41) to retain our placing. David Furlaong was last away and with 13:55 (36) collected a few places and had the fastest time.
A Team C Williams (41) 13:34, C Melling (41) 13:45, D Furlong (36) 13:55
ResultsB Team M Brooks (58) 14:43
4th April 2004
Nathan Vengdasalam wins Halton Bridge Race
Showing that he enjoying being 40 Nathan once again showed the younger athletes how it is done when he won the popular Halton Bridge 5 mile race on Easter Sunday. Although given a race by a strong pair of Bolton athletes Nathan showed his experience as he added yet another local road to his impressive list over the years. No results site known as yet.
11 April 2004


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