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There are few athletic clubs that can boast a runner in the world’s top 50 but the 2006 rankings place Liverpool Pembroke Sefton star, Michael Rimmer,  31st with a 800m time of 1:45.23 recorded in Helsinki in July. He was two seconds of the top South African but at only 20 years of age can look forward to climbing this list in 2007. His time puts him second in the UK rankings just being shaded by Nottingham rival Richard Hill. Also on the UK list is Phil Taylor whose 47.85 400m places him 30th while the clubs all-rounder Dave Readle gets on two lists, 22nd in the Shot with 15.45m and 46th in the Hammer with 49.93m. The Northern equivalent lists the top 10 and in addition to the above had Mark Leicester 4th in the Under 20 Long Jump with a leap of 6.73m and Mark Grimshaw 5th with a 49.24 400m. The tragic recent death of throws coach, Merrik Bousfield, cast a long shadow over the club but he would have been delighted to have had no fewer than five athletes in these rankings, Under 20 Anne-Marie Pennington(3rd Javelin 34.71m) and Natalie Walsh(5th Discus 38.79m), Under 17`s Lauren Cummings(4th Discus 33.58m) and double ranked Becci Keegan(5th Hammer 37.39m and 6th Javelin 33.74). Under 15 Tony West also made the top ten twice with a 5th placed Hammer throw of 41.70m and 8th Discus with 34.85m. As reported previously the clubs Under 15 Boys are very strong indeed and rising star Jake Helm appears three times (8th 800m 2:5.8, 2nd 1500m 4:11.79 and 2nd 3000m 9:37.87). David Forrester was 5th at 800m with 2:3:34 while Chris Hesketh recorded 4:19:44 in 4th place at 1500m. Some extremely satisfying results for the local club during 2006.
Report Charles Gains
Dave Street Report Race 2
Today was Europa cup race 2 at Konnigsee, Germany. Results where very similar to last weeks, me and Jacko finished 25th out of the 62 sleds, with the 15th fastest push start. We were the 2nd fastest GB starters this week but I am happy enough seeming as the GB brakeman who beat me is former Summer Olympian super sub Allyn Condon, drafted in due to his driver from the world cup program being injured. The results saw me an Jacko finish 2nd out of the UK sleds which means that we will be promoted from GB3 to GB2 for the next race at Cesana, Italy next week.
I’ve attached a video of the push start at Igls last week for your enjoyment
Download VideoDave Street Report Race 1 4 December
Thought you would all appreciate a quick update of how things are going.
The 1st Europa Cup race took place in Igls, Austria on Thursday (2Man) and Sunday (4man). 2man race went very well, me an my driver finished 24th out of 62, clocking the 13th fastest start time, which was also the fastest British start time. Not bad considering we started as GB3 and GB1 and GB2 are supposed 2 be able to start faster than us.
Have to say I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I was gonna be when i was warming up, with it being my 1st international competition, but when I stood on the starting block, in full race suit and heard the announcer say
“Representing Great Britain. John Jackson and Dave Street”
The nerves kicked in, swiftly followed by a massive rush of adrenalin. Probably  helped us to push so well! The 1st run was the smoothest we had, good push and good run brought us from our starting rank of 46th to 28th overall going into the 2nd run. The second run wasn’t so smooth, but was to be expected with the ice heating up. But we where 1 of the only teams there to improve on our push time and start faster. Couple of knocks on the way down meant our finish time wasn’t as quick as the 1st but we managed to crawl back a few more places and finish up in 24th.
I was pulled out of the 4 man race on Sunday due to an injury i picked up in the 1st day of 4 man training on Friday. The G force we were under during the 360 degree corner pushed me down into the sled so far it overstretched my hamstring and i have a minor strain at the moment. But the physios are doing a great job and I was back in the 2 man sled today.
We are currently at Konnigsee in Germany training for the next race which takes place at 12noon GMT on Thursday. Hopefully we can get another rapid push in and be just as fast on the start.
All the kit has finally arrived this week after a long delay by Adidas. Team photos where taken 2 days ago, Im waiting the photos to be sent to me, once they are i will forward them all on. There’s some good action shots as well from the race.
That’s about it for now, for those of you who don’t know so far my statistics are 38 runs, 3 crashes and 1 fall out of the sled leading to 1 dislocation, 1 minor broken bone, couple of strained muscles, and more bruises than I want to mention.
I’ll keep you all up to date as much as I can, forward this email onto anyone you think I might of missed
UK Cross Challenge
The UK Cross Country Challenge races that include the European Trials were held at Liverpool’s Sefton Park. Liverpool Pembroke Sefton eyes were on the Under 15 boys race to see how well their national relay title holder squad would figure against the potential threat from a strong Norwich team. David Forrester(11), Jake Helm(15), Chris Hesketh(17) and Mike Bride(31) looked good on this occasion again but would have been just edged by the Norwich boys if there had been a team race. This raises the tension for the National Cross Country title that will be fought out at Sunderland in March.
The Mid-Lancs League was included in this event where LPS continue to overwhelm the opposition Forrester, Helm and Hesketh providing the first three places, Bride 5th but with further strong support in the from Elliot Marsters(10), Paul Roberts(17), Sean Dignam(20) and John Meakin(25). The Under 13s are beginning to shape up well with Adam Goldfarb(6), Shaun Kirkbride(12), Warren Turner(17), Kyle Nicholls(19), Matthew Craggs(27) and Joe Hanlon(28). They took second spot behind Blackpool. The Under 17 men replicated this behind Preston with Andrew Bowen(3), Rob McLoughlin(15) and Matt Lloyd(24). The Junior Men look on course for their respective title with Danny Gordon(6), Joe McKenna(7) and Mark Grimshaw(9).
Although the Under 13 Girls were unable to complete a team there were satisfactory placings from Eleanor Mitchell(11), Jessica Bolton(18) and Scarlett Collins(20). The Under 15s fared better Emma Bowen(11), Emma Binns(12), Vicky Swift(21) and Hannah Shirley(26) collecting third team spot. Three Junior Women also completed June Swift(3), Steph Swift(5) and Lyndsey Nadin(6). Another brave run from Kirsty Longley carried her to 22nd in the Senior race.
In the parallel Liverpool and District race veteran Sammy Rashid made the jouney from Sheffield and was rewarded with a fantastic run that carried him to 10th place. Not to be outdone Graham Cairns, ten years Sammy`s senior, came in a courageous 17th.
The annual rankings are in the course of publication and already LPS names are appearing. Andrew Bowen is 7th in the Under 17 1500m Steeplechase while the formidable Under 15 trio of David Forrester(13th at 800m), Jake Helm(6th at 1500m and 18th at 30000m) and Chris Hesketh(18th at 1500m) all make the top 20 in the country. When the senior rankings appear Phil Taylor will certainly figure. He has already received a call up to to train with the GB 4 x 400m relay squad.
Report Charles Gains


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