Isle of Man NoEAA T&F Match Sunday 5th May

Final details for our first NoEAA League match of the season :

For those on the group ticket for the ferry please be at the IoM Steam Packet ferry terminal (just opposite the North face of the Liver Building) NO LATER THAN 10:30 am Saturday 4th May. We will be returning on the 15:00 ferry on Monday 6th May expected to dock in Liverpool approx 17:45.

Mr Neil McLoughlin has a list of those on the group ticket and the booking reference number.

The followig people are listed on the group ticket :

Neil McLoughlin
Louise Jennings
Amelia McLoughlin
Verity Jennings
Rob Parkinson
Malcolm Parkinson
Maxine Thompson
Celina Hernandez
Dave Street
Mark Leicester
Lucy Wroblewski
Jessica Birtles
Billy Williams
Mike Bride
Nathan Hilton

Due to late withdrawls we have two ‘spare’ places – if anybody would like to join the party please let me know and I’ll change the names on the list (but you’ll have to sort your own accommodation).

Charles Gains & Paula Wilson will be on the same ferry but have booked their own tickets.

Matt Thompson, Carol Bates, Rose Hutchinson, Rachel Hutchinson, Charlotte Christian, Karen Brown and myself are making our own way to the match on different ferries/flights.

I’ll be at the terminal to meet you off the ferry on Saturday.

Can you please pass to me any receipts (or copies of receipts) for your accommodation or travel. These will be used to claim some refund from the Manx Tourist Board to cover the cost of the group ticket and to make a contribution to those who paid for their own crossing.

I believe there will be a BBQ hosted by Manx Harriers on the Saturday evening and Mrs Christian is hosting another BBQ on the Sunday for LP&S. Bad taste dress isn’t obligatory for these events, but isn’t banned either !

Despite being a “league match” I’d like everyone to enjoy the experience. No-one should feel pressured to do any events they don’t want to and everybody should have the opportunity to do their favoured events.


Dave B


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