Jack Tustin(1933-2015)

Jack Tustin has died after a stroke. He was very much a part of the successful Pembroke club especially during the 1950s. He was rather overshadowed at the time by a lot of talented athletes but was, nevertheless, a decent performer and a regular team counter. I was in the same class at the Liverpool Collegiate School but didn`t really get to know him until we both co-incidentally joined the Pembroke club in 1949 after leaving school. I recall many occasions chasing him in club cross country races but coupled with a neat economical was an extra turn of speed and I never managed to edge him. He was originally from Accrington and retained the soft Lancashire accent. A popular figure he was very much part of the social scene of the time. He had an artistic gift and the club magazine `Ace of Clubs’ regularly featured his series of sporting sketches. Later he carved out a successful career in engineering but kept a contact with the club. His son, Nick, is still ranked third in our High Jump records with 2.00m.

The funeral takes place at Macclesfield Crematorium on Wednesday 24 June at 10.40am. Condolences can be sent to his wife, Lorraine, at 12 Whitmead Close, Disley, Cheshire SK12 2BL
Charles Gains

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