Lisa is on top of the world

The year gets better and better for Lisa Gawthorne who has become a world masters champion.  It’s a reward for a huge amount of effort and dedication and follows her European award only 6 weeks ago. 

Here are Lisa’s own words telling the story :

World Champion 🤯 I honestly cannot believe it.
A dream beyond dreams 🌍🥇only 6 weeks after becoming European Champ too.
It was a tough race from start to finish as it was 22° and muggy so everything felt tough.
First run went ok. Just tried to dial into a pace that left some energy for the bike.
Bike was very tough – I was on my own for 4.5 miles in the wind just time trialling before getting absorbed by a pack – I managed to stay with the final rider in that pack for the remainder of the race taking our turns – 53% of the ride was in my max heart rate zone.
Came into final transition in a bit of a chaotic way as people were all over the show most overtaking on the wrong side, so dangerous. 😝
Final run was just ok – 95% of this was in my max heart rate as the bike did it’s damage so just kept to a balanced pace without doing anything crazy.
Ran through the finish line in a daze, unsure of where I had finished then heard them call my name for the gold medal position!!!!
Would have been nice to celebrate the moment there and then but got taken to anti doping and had to spend a lot of time trying to produce a sample that was hard – but after 3 bottles of water it finally happened 😂
I honestly did not expect to be writing this but I am really over the moon. Thank you to my mum and sister Carol Gawthorne and Natalie Jane Gawthorne who have been nursing Yoshi back to health, thanks to Tony Owen for being my rock of support and sincere thanks to my running coach and life coach Tony O’Brien of TRS Coaching alongside my bike coach Ian Roberts of Prime Triathlon Coaching – I couldn’t have done it without any of you.
Finally well done to everyone who raced today. There were some nasty accidents and safety should always be the priority. My age group was packed with many talented athletes – well done to you all – it’s a pleasure racing alongside you and all who raced today. Plus amazing supporters too.
Emotional. Proud. Happy. Tired.
Bo bo next then maybe a sparkling water or two later 😉💚
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