North of England T&F Senior Match – Isle of Man

As many of you will be aware one of our Northern League fixtures this year will take place in Douglas on the Isle of Man.

This is a mixed men/women competition with a full range of track and field events for both sexes.

Whilst nominally described as being a ‘Senior’ match, it is open to all U20 and U17 athletes. However, for under 17’s, coaches’ permission will be needed, especially in throwing and hurdling based events as weights and heights will obviously be set for senior athletes.

I number of factors need to be noted for this match :

Ferry leaves Liverpool 11:15 Saturday 4th May and returns from the Isle of Man at 15:00 on Monday 6th May (bank holiday) arriving at 17:45.

The club will pay the ferry fare for all foot passengers or subsidise any car to £40 per head, provided the recipients either compete or officiate at the match. We have already reserved some places for foot passengers on a first come, first served basis.

This means that hotel costs must be borne by the athletes themselves. We are currently looking into inexpensive accommodation but please bear in mind that this will be for 2 nights. It is expected that accommodation could cost £50-£80 per person per night.

We have had some possible offers of free or heavily discounted accommodation. If this comes to fruition it is intended to share the savings across all of the attendees to try to reduce, as far as possible, the cost for everyone.

Any under 18’s on the day of the match must either be accompanied by a parent, or an adult prepared to act as their parent, for the duration of the weekend.

Those wishing to go to this match must register their interest with Charles Gains, Wally Bridson, Paul Jamieson or myself and provide £30 as a deposit. The balance will be requested prior to sailing, in the second half of April.

Finally, I can say, the last time we had a match in the Isle of Man all concerned agreed it was a fabulous weekend and had a great time.

Dave Brown – Treasurer

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