New November 2003

Cross Country season Begins
The first of the season`s mid-Lancs Cross Country League matches was held at the Kendal Showground. Similar strength to previous years was on display again. Although our U13s were incomplete the U15s were second to a strong Preston Harriers outfit. Joe Nelson was 7th, Rob Bland 9th, Joe McKenna 12th and Rob McLaughlin 16th. Although the U17s were considerably depleted by the usual seasonal sicknesses, Chris Melling’s 5th spot followed by Sam Glynn 8th and Matthew Brooks 9th was enough to see off the opposition. At U20 level LPS look untouchable. Another fine win for Chris Stewart was followed by Steve Donegan 4th and Andrew Donaldson 6th. A fine start to the season but John Bradshaw will be looking to get out an U13 team as well for the next match.Meanwhile at Birmingham for the Reebok fixture Courtney Birch was 19th in the under 20s event.
1 November 2003
National Cross Country Relays Mansfield
Liverpool Pembroke Sefton athletes travelled to Mansfield for the National Cross Country Relays wih attracted over 700 teams. The Under 19 squad of Ben Jones, Steve Doneghan and Andy Donaldson was the most successful placing 18th in their category. At Under 17 level Sam Glynn, David Furlong and David Wilkie managed 38th slot. The Under 15s, represented by Rob Bland, Joe McKenna and Andy Bowen were 20th and the B team (Sam Hutchinson, Rob McHugh and Kevin Sloan) were 38th. The Under 13 team, Shaun Goodwin, Matthew Lloyd and Jason Newell came 25th in this most competitive of environments.
At the first in this series, at Birmingham, Ormskirk`s Courtney Birch, now at Oxford University, was 19th in her age group.
8 November 2003 
Liverpool & District Beacon Park
On the Friday prior to the first L & D race at Beacon Park LPS looked in real trouble. It was highly likely we would not even get six counters out. However, there was a great response. Ever-present Adam Clansey was guaranteed and it was a delight to see Paul Cadwallader appear…together with his subscription! Colin Jones was persuaded away from his studies, Robbie Wood collected John Dobie and Richie Webster, the League Secretary abandoned his administrative duties. We had a team!
The result…Paul Cadwallader(7), Adam Clancy (8), Colin Jones(29), Robbie Wood(71), John Dobie (85) and Richie Webster (86) was less important than the determination to `stay in the game’. With 3 Juniors at Mansfield, two freshers (Chris Watson and Tom Wade) at university, Alan Stewart on a police training course, and Sammy Rashid, Alan Woods, Jimmy Boardman, Jeff Mason etc not available there is still plenty of support to come. Current `defections’ have not helped but anyone who writes us off has got another think coming!
Strangely enough I felt more proud and hopeful on this occasion than when we have done much better. Why?…because there is only one direction we can go and that is UP. Sadly I shall miss the next L & D at Sefton Park on 22nd November (recuperating from a minor op) but I know we will be much more threatening. Come on LPS!!
Rep0rt Charles Gains
8th November 2003
Liverpool & District Sefton Park
The Reebok meeting at Sefton Park included the second of the L & D fixtures. Once again we were not at full strength but we dug deep and moved up a spot. Jimmy Boardman was magnificent in sixth place, Henry Stewart(8) and Adam Clansey(10) in close attendance. Steve Freeman made a surprise appearance at 44 and with ever dependable Robbie Wood(76) and Richie Webster(84) around we finished 4th team. If we can get our act together second to LHAC in the next match at Stadt Moers is not out of the question. The phones will be ringing! Also included in the Reebok was the Mid-Lancs League. Ben Jones was truly outstanding in 14th place overall…less than a minute off an international vest selection. Marie Barrett looked good in the parallel U20 race(63). Elsewhere at Under 17 Rob Stocks was noticeable at 35 and Joe McKenna at 41(Under 15). Under 13 Emma Bowen was equally sharp looking(38). Team wise Girls U13 were 4th. Boys were among the placings(no U13 result yet) but the U20 are unstoppable.
Report Charles Gains
22nd November 2003


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