News December 2008

Success on two fronts! 13 December
Liverpool Pembroke and Sefton were in cross country action in two different places recording significant results some 40 miles apart. In the Liverpool and District League at Stadt Moers Park, Whiston, the club`s senior men got their best result in over 5 years. Spearheaded by a strong third place from Adam Clansey and a very solid run from Bernie Murphy in fifth spot there followed some excellent packing with newcomer, Peter Hoyle 12th, two stalwart veterans Graham Cairns(14) and Sammy Rashid(15) and Sam Redfern(26) to chalk up a decent second team points total of 75 against Liverpool Harriers(38) and third placed Wirral AC(107). With Jon Rice(34), Keith Lester(60) and Mark Bleasdale(64) in support and several other absentees who are likely to figure highly on future occasions the club appears to have recovered from one of its leanest periods ever. Results
The rest of the club were over in Blackpool at the Mid-Lancs League and here the senior women are beginning to emulate the resurgence of their male counterparts. Rhea Ellis was a very strong fourth placer and first Junior. Kirsty Longley was in close attendance in 7th. The improving Lisa Gawthorne came home 32nd ensuring fourth team. A very good result in a tough league. Elsewhere the Under 17 men were devastated by illness but that did not prevent Dave Forrester(2), Toby Loveridge(3) and Jai Vernon-McGuigan(10) collecting first team and maintaining their dominance in this age group. The Under 15`s are also doing the club proud, Sean Kirkbride(11), Adam Goldfarb(12), George Curran(13) and Dave Reece(14) combined immaculately to take second place with Joe Hanlon(25), Kyle Nicholls(27) and Warren Turner(28) around to ensure no slip ups. An excellent run in the Under 13s from James Grundy(8th) had support in the shape of Nathan Browne(24), Ben Haines(31), Jonathan Bride(32) and Albert Curran(33) but only enough to fill fifth team. There was only one LPS Under 13 girl available on the day, Charlotte Haines, who finished 28th

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