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Sefton Park Challenge 29 November  
Competing in the Sefton Park UK Cross Country Challenge meeting against some of the best in the country Toby Loveridge, turned in yet another excellent performance when he finished 16th overall in spite of being at the lower end of the Under 17 age group. Included in this was the Mid-Lancs League where Toby was second and with Chris Hesketh(9th) and Jake Helm(13th) retained Liverpool Pembroke Sefton`s dominance in this age group. With Jai Vernon-McGuigan(15th), Ed Rimmer(16th) and Sean Dignam(35th) there was no shortage of support. The Under 15`s ran reasonably well but Sean Kirkbride(6th), George Curran(19th), David Reece(32nd) and Jake Oldham(37th) could only secure fourth team spot on this occasion. Under 13`s officially finished  two runners Nathan Browne(21st) and Jonathan Bride(34th) but James Grundy, who was well inside the first 20, unfortunately found himself not recorded. Jack Eggleston(14th) and Elliot Harram(19th) were the clubs only Under 11 finishers.
On the senior female side the growing confidence of the club was evident with another storming run from Kirsty Longley(6th) and with excellent back up from Becky Foster(22nd) and Lisa Gawthorne(23rd) the club mustered fourth team place, up ten positions from the previous encounter! There were lone performers in the Under 20s, Rhea Ellis(43rd in the overall race) and Mid Lancs positions for U17 Nicole Garner(17) and U15 Abby Kelly(33). However, a quartet of U13 year olds Georgina Hannaway(37), Charlotte Haines(45), Erin Devlin(48) and Beth Deary(50) provided the club with a seventh team place.

The UK Cross Country Challenge including the European Trials came once again to Liverpool`s Sefton Park. Incorporating the local leagues it is an opportunity for the ordinary runner to race against the best in the country. From a Liverpool Pembroke Sefton senior point of view the big plus was the return of Jimmy Boardman, missing for a few years but running as fluently as ever. He turned a few heads as he slipped through the large field and although still well down overall in 101st place he was fourth in the domestic battle with only three Liverpool Harriers in front. A few more races under his belt and he will once again be looking to top the Merseyside scene.

The indefatigable Sammy Rashid battled into 10th spot with newcomer Harry Boyd on his shoulder. A quartet of Edge Hill University students followed Joe McKenna(15th), Rob Jowett(24th), Sam Redfern(26th) and Clark Roberts(41st). In support there was Tom Hanlon(49th), 400m sprint star Wayne Ashall(59th) and Keith Lester(78th). A good turnout for LPS recovering from several bleak years and evidence that the club is on the road to recovering its former glory. The club settled for fourth team on this occasion but at full strength even the powerful Harriers squad will be looking over their shoulders. L&D Results

Double first for LPS 6th November
Liverpool Pembroke and Sefton had a good day at Burnley in the first of the Mid-Lancashire Cross Country League fixtures. Pride of place goes to the Under 17`s with Toby Loveridge not only cruising to victory but towing David Forrester and Mike Bride into 3rd and 4th places respectively and easily securing the team result. The club`s depth was emphasised as Jake Helm(12), Paul Roberts(14), Jai Vernon-McGuigan(16) and Ed Rimmer(18) combined to take second team slot. The Under 15`s have equal ambition with rising star Alistair Nelson securing third place and together with Sean Kirkbride(8), George Curran(10) and Adam Goldfarb(11) also taking the major honours. Kyle Nicholls(17), Dave Reece(22), Warren Turner(24) and Darren McDonald(41) additionally found themselves finishing a sound third team. An impressive display. The Under 13`s in the shape of Nathan Browne(27), Jonathan Bride(37), Jack Darwent(39) and Ben Haines(49) were seventh team but the two U11`s Jack Egglesdon(15) and Elliot Harman(19) had to run individually.

There is a welcome revival among the club`s female group. At Under 17 Emma Binns(10), Nicole Garner(20) and Grace Stewart(22) were third while the Under 13s in the shape of Georgina Hannaway(44), Erin Devlin(54), Elizabeth Cooper(55), Beth Deary(62) and Lauren Donaldson(65) ran out seventh. Even at senior level there are signs of progress. The usual courageous performance of Kirsty Longley carried her to 5th place and with Steph Swift(51) and newcomer Lisa Gawthorne(62) the club has at last the basis for completing teams through to the major championships. Mid Lancs Results

The senior men were at the notoriously difficult Beacon Park, Skelmersdale course in the Liverpool and District League. With several prominent individuals unavailable it was left to super-vets Graham Cairns(19) and Sammy Rashid(23) to lead the way in but there was a nice surprise in the running of Joe McKenna who finished a creditable 25th with fellow Edge Hill student Clark Roberts taking 30th. The big gap to other finishers Keith Lester(106), Robbie Wood(108) and Mark Bleasdale(113) reduced the club to seventh team but there is confidence this can be substantially revised at the next encounter in Sefton Park. L&D Results

Under 15s continue to progress at Mansfield 1st November
At the English Cross Country relays at Mansfield the LPS squad of Under 17`s finished a creditable 15th but some way short of expectation. Toby Loveridge(9.39.70), Mike Bride(10.30.60) and David Forrester(9.35.70) were 15th and the B team of Chris Hesketh((10.12.05), Ed Rimmer(11.28.70) and Jake Helm(10.22.55) were 54th. The Under 15`s surprised with Alister Nelson leading off with a sharp 6.50, followed by Sean Kirkbride(6.58.00) and George Curran(7.10.05) to finish 19th. The B team were 64th  Results

Report Charles Gains

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